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Monero vs Litecoin - Comparing Two Cryptocurrencies with Different Aims and Goals

Litecoin vs Monero as an interesting question because these two cryptocurrencies are similar in some ways. Both rely on blockchain technology that first saw the light of day Bitcoin, the currency that launched a whole new marketplace that is still growing. Today, that market is awash with many similar cryptocurrencies that have built on what Bitcoin started, with some of them taking the original idea further. What do we mean by further, and what does this have to do with Litecoin vs Monero? Well, for all its game-changing modernity, Bitcoin as one of two shortcomings. Isn’t as private as it could be. All blockchain-based coins provide so...   Read more

Monero Exchanges To Start Your Cryptocurrency Trading With

The best Monero exchanges are the ones that will be able to offer you the quickest route to buying Monero. They will support the storing of fiat currencies and facilitate Monero transfers. Monero’s initials are XMR, and to sign up for an XMR exchange is simplicity itself. You’ll just need to create an account using typical personal information like photo ID and your address. Once you’ve added a credit card or bank account, you’ll be ready to get started. Do be aware that a lot of crypto exchanges will sting you with an extra fee if you decide to use a credit card to buy your currency, but however you decide to pay,...   Read more