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Monero Wallets - Everything You Need to Know

Monero is a special type of cryptocurrency, employing cryptography to provide users with valuable peace of mind that their transactions will always be untraceable. It was launched in 2012 as a fork of the Bytecoin blockchain, and was originally titled ‘Bitmonero’, though the name soon changed to the shortened version. The Monero network has been upgraded to support deeper decentralization, with the CryptoNight algorithm being replaced by RandomX. This is a new Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm increasing Monero’s appeal. One of the best aspects of Monero is its fungibility, giving users total control over their transactions. It h...   Read more

The Complete Guide to Monero History

Monero (also known as XMR) was created in April 2014. This open-source cryptocurrency launched with a focus on privacy, decentralization, and fungibility, using a public ledger. Anyone has the right to send or broadcast transactions for transparency, though no one external has access to the funds’ destination, value, or point of origin. The Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm issues new Monero coins and provides miners with an incentive to validate transactions, securing the Monero network. One of the core aspects of Monero — the privacy — has helped this crypto to attract users looking to...   Read more

What is Monero Cryptocurrency? Monero Guide

Monero’s team describes this cryptocurrency as a highly-secure, untraceable system offering unparalleled privacy. It employs a cutting-edge form of Monero cryptography to keep every single transaction 100 percent untraceable, providing peace of mind. In a world which is becoming continually transparent, it’s simple to understand why a cryptocurrency that emphasizes privacy is so appealing to so many people. But how does it work? What other benefits does it offer? In this ‘What is Monero?’ guide, we explore the fundamentals, what makes it unique, and more about Monero. Histor...   Read more

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MoneroHero will not be liable for any possible loss and damage resulting from reliance on the data contained on website including Monero-related services reviews, analytical information and comparisons. The information on this website is not necessary 100% accurate and can not be treated as direct enforcement or obligation from the side of MoneroHero to perform certain actions. Before making a decision to use any product/service reviewed and compared on this website it is an obligation of any investor to evaluate the possible risks, business targets and clearly compare all these things to his/her level of experience in cryptocur...   Read more